Join Him in a Quiet Place

I have stilled and quieted my soul.
                   —Psalm 131:2

Do you Uber? If you suffer the blather of a passenger seat critic; or have kids in the backseat fussing and screaming like banshees, you may want to give Uber a try.

Here’s why . . . Uber has released a new feature on its app that lets riders mute the driver. In “preferences,” just click on “Quiet Preferred”—informing the driver that you don’t want to talk or be disturbed.

Jesus got up early in the morning to search out a quiet place to be alone with God (Mk 1:35). He knew his disciples needed to escape the noise as well: “Come with me to a quiet place,” he said (Mk 6:31).

Take that invitation personally—come with him to a quiet place.

It’s hard to hear God in a crowd.

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