More than Anything

We want God to give us our heavenly home.
                        —2 Corinthians 5:2

Dr. Bill Rogers, one of my elders, was a fanatic. I’m leery of fanatics and usually try to distance myself from them. But I was drawn to Bill’s fanaticism, found no flaw in it, and much admired it.

You see, he was a fanatic about heaven. In elders’ meetings, he ran every decision through a single filter: will this get people to heaven?

He wasn’t a polished speaker; had a bit of a stammer. But I loved to hear him pray: fervent, sincere, moving. And he never ended a public prayer without this gentle, take-it-home-with-you reminder: “Father, more than anything, we want to go to heaven when we die.”

I’m not unconcerned about buildings and budgets. But I want—and need—a leader who is fanatically concerned about getting me to heaven.

Part of heaven’s treasure will
be seeing those you helped get there.

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