One Another

Live in harmony with one another.
                   —Romans 12:16

Earth’s population—with only one exception—is comprised of others.

There are sixty-nine occurrences of the words “one another” in my New Testament. Here’s a sampling.

□ Love one another

□ Accept one another

□ Serve one another

□ Bear with one another

□ Be kind to one another

□ Submit to one another

□ Forgive one another

□ Encourage one another

Grade yourself on that batch: check the box next to each statement that you ace in practice.

How did you score?

Is there an asterisk beside any with an “Oops”? . . . or a “Hmm”? . . . or a “Needs work”?

Would those who know you best
label you self-centered or others-centered?

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