Thank You, Lord

I thank my God every time I remember you.
                       —Philippians 1:3

Ninety-nine-to-one. If ninety-nine people complimented a sermon and one person criticized it, I’d spend days nursing the wound inflicted by the critic.

Do you spend more time thinking about those who have hurt you than you do about those who have helped you? You remember something someone said that stung; did something that bruised. It dogs your memory—sometimes for years; ravaging the limited time you have on this planet. Flip that switch to “Off.”

And this one to “On.” Thank God for a specific someone who said or did something in a yesterday of your life that makes your today better. I bet you could come up with the names of several people who gave a part of themselves to help you grow, achieve, and write a happily-ever-after ending.

Thank you, Lord.

Instead of thinking about what someone has done to you,
think about what someone has done for you.

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