Anyplace But Home

Each one of you also must love his wife . . .
and the wife must respect her husband.
                   —Ephesians 5:33

On September 2, 2016, Lawrence Ripple handed a note to a Kansas City bank teller: it said he had a gun and he wanted cash. She gave him $2,924. Then Lawrence took a seat in the bank lobby and waited to be arrested. He told baffled officers he’d rather be in jail than at home with his wife.

I know nothing about Mrs. Ripple. Perhaps Proverbs accurately described her: “Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and ill-tempered wife” (21:19).

Or maybe Proverbs described Lawrence: “A quick-tempered man does foolish things” (14:17).

By the way, Judge Murguia didn’t send Lawrence to jail; he sentenced him to six months of home confinement . . . with his wife.

Sadly, there are a lot of people who’d rather be anyplace but home.

Do your part to make your place
“Home Sweet Home”

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