Get a Grip on Your Attitude

Your mind shows what
kind of person you are.
    —Proverbs 27:19

He was bright, talented, and capable. He landed several well-paying jobs but never lasted long in any of them because his attitude was toxic. Last I heard he was driving a school bus.

Your attitude is more important than your education, your profession, or your bank account. It’s more important than what people think about you or say about you. It’s more important than the hand you’ve been dealt. And it affects all of those.

Your attitude enables you or cripples you. It’s the inner thermostat that regulates your happiness, productivity, and effect on others.

If your attitude is positive, you’re winning, even if circumstances are negative. If your attitude is negative, you’re losing, even if circumstances are positive.

You—and only you—determine your attitude.

Take ownership of your attitude.
Never put it in someone else’s hands.

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