Now Hear This

Be sympathetic . . . compassionate and humble.
                                        —1 Peter 3:8

It was a noisy dinner at Pat Tornatore’s home, and her dad was struggling to keep up with the chatter. He kept jumping in with off-topic comments and asking for things to be repeated—but insisted he didn’t have a hearing problem.

“Dad,” Pat said, “you need to get a hearing aid.” He looked at her like she was nuts and asked, “What would I do with a hand grenade?”

I have sensitive feelings for those with hearing loss, mainly because I watched my sociable father retreat into seclusion as deafness encroached.

I’m not as tolerant toward those who don’t hear because they choose not to listen; revealing indifference. Ignoring your spouse, your children—or any human—exhibits a selfish lack of concern, compassion, and respect.

Relationships are crippled by talking too much and listening too little.

Listening may be the most
loving thing you do today.

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