The Healing Poultice

By this all men will know that you are
my disciples, if you love one another.
                      —John 13:35

It challenges credibility to imagine Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz being on the same team and playing nice. Only a compelling passion for a cause bigger than their differences—and bigger than themselves—could bring about accord.

Two of Jesus’ apostles, Matthew and Simon the Zealot, were political enemies.

Matthew was a tax collector for Rome, an abominable occupation in the eyes of patriot Jews, who considered him a traitor.

Simon was a Zealot. Zealots hated Rome, and brutally murdered Jewish traitors. If Simon had met Matthew before both joined Jesus, he would have decapitated him.

But their allegiance to Jesus trumped their political hostility, motivating Matthew and Simon to work together harmoniously. People who hate each other can come to love each other when they both love Jesus.

The poultice that heals is love.

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