A Treasure on Your Nightstand

I rejoice in your word like one
who finds a great treasure.
—Psalm 119:162

In 1932, archaeologist Alfonso Caso discovered Tomb Seven at Monte Alban, Oaxaca, where he found more than 400 frescoes, figurines, and ornate pieces of jewelry. The only place you can view these artifacts is at the Regional Museum of Oaxaca.

In Psalm 119, we’re told of a greater treasure, the incomparable richness of God’s Word.

But this treasure was out of reach for most until at least the eighteenth century. Before the invention of the printing press in 1440, the Bible text was copied by hand; only the very rich could afford a copy. Also, there was the problem of illiteracy (most couldn’t read); and language (the first English translation of the New Testament was in 1526); and ecclesiastical control.

But there it is, not in a museum, but on your nightstand.

The incomparable treasure of
the Word is within your reach.

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