The Great Rescue

Name him Jesus, because he will
save his people from their sins.
                —Matthew 1:21

The 2013 movie, Man of Steel, was a reboot of the Superman myth. Clark Kent, the super-powered alien from the planet Krypton, assumed the role of protector, facing off with General Zod to save the human race.

The film’s release filled theaters, grossing $668 million. Critics credited its success to eye-popping technology.

Actress Amy Adams, who played the role of Lois Lane, had a different take on its appeal: “Who doesn’t want to believe that there’s one person who could come and save us from ourselves?”

Our rescue is not myth, it is reality. Mary’s son was to be named Jesus—meaning “the Lord saves”—because he would save us from our sins.

He came, not from Krypton, but from Heaven. His mission was to save us. Mission accomplished.

Jesus came because of you, defeated
Satan for you, and gave salvation to you.

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