Today May Be Your Day

Jesus himself came near and
began walking with them.
            —Luke 24:15

She had no reason to think that this would be anything but another miserable day in her hopeless life.

If you had told her that this was the day she would meet her Savior, she would have told you to hawk your witness somewhere else.

She wasn’t seeking the Savior; he was seeking her. Jesus had made the trek through Samaria and perched at Jacob’s well because he knew she would show up there.

He knew everything about her—her weariness, her loneliness, her brokenness, her five failed marriages.

He was there to give her the kind of life that she had given up hope of ever having.

He’s full of surprises like that. Today may be your day—the day he intersects your path and brings a blessing that you have given up hope of ever receiving.

He knows your past, sees your present,
and can change your future.

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