Blessings Known and Unknown

How great are your works, O Lord.
                    —Psalm 92:5

Dear God,

I thank you often for obvious blessings: family, friends, and food.

But there are many favors I take for granted; I fail to thank because I fail to think.

I rarely thank you for sight, sound, and smell; for lungs and liver; for a special place and particular pleasure.

I seldom thank you for the way you silently work in the background, setting events in motion months, even years, before the results appear in my life.

More often than I know, I have had a brush with death: invasive bacteria and near-accidents—close calls I wasn’t aware of, but that you were.

So today Father, accept my prayer of gratitude for the countless blessings you so generously bestow—seen and unseen; known and unknown; acknowledged and unacknowledged.


Thank God for something you’ve
never thanked him for before.

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