Curb Ego

Be moved to treat one another
as more important than yourself.
              —Philippians 2:3

Political campaigns bring out the worst in people: slander is rampant, character is vilified, truth is distorted. You wouldn’t let a ten-year-old get away with the name-calling and finger-pointing that litters the campaign trail.

Candidates pump millions of dollars into media to tell you how great they are and how bad their opponent is.

T-shirt theology leaves something to be desired, but this one got it right . . .

On the front, it said, “There is a God.”
On the back, “And you’re not Him.”

“Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought,” wrote Paul (Rom 12:3).

No greater challenge has ever been packed into eight words than this: “Treat one another as more important than yourself” (Phil 2:3).

Some kill with bullets, some with words.

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