Don’t Forfeit Your Faith, No Matter What

Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed.
                                   —Romans 4:18

We see faith at its finest when we watch the heavyhearted Abraham pack his sacrificial gear and with his son in tow begin the three-day trek to Moriah to do the unthinkable. God told him to take his only son—his God-promised heir—to Moriah and sacrifice him as a burnt offering. He packed and set out (Gn 22:2–3).

Forty centuries this side of Moriah, we know how the story turned out. But Abraham, living in the excruciating moment, had no hint that an angel would intervene, stopping the plunge of the sacrificial knife in mid-swing.

Facing the chilling command to kill his son, Abraham held on to his faith—a faith so strong that “He believed that if Isaac died God would bring him back to life again” (Heb 11:19).

Hold on to heavenly hope even
when it makes no earthly sense.

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