Prayers for Before and After Bible Reading — #2

I have stored up your word in my heart.
                          —Psalm 119:11


Merciful God, who hast given us the Bible to be the revelation of Thy great love, and of Thy power and will to save: grant that our study of it may not be made vain by the callousness or carelessness of our hearts, but that by it we may be confirmed in penitence, lifted to hope, made strong for service, and above all, filled with the true knowledge of Thee and of Thy Son Jesus Christ.  —George Adam Smith


Grant, O most merciful Father, that I may rise from the reading of Thy Book with a mind that is enlightened, with a will that is strengthened and with a heart that is awake to see the darkness of my sin and wondrous glory of Thy love; through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.  —Author unknown

Let the Word be your guide in
both bright and dark times.

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