Your Fragrant Offering

A fragrant offering, an acceptable
sacrifice, pleasing to God.
     —Philippians 4:18

Out for my morning jog, I knew a family was—or soon would be—at the breakfast table, because the aroma of bacon was in the air. The sense of smell is one of God’s great gifts. I get caught up in remembrance of my mother’s kitchen magic when I smell bacon and freshly-baked bread.

The fragrance of Hawaiin Breeze, Lavender & Peach Blossom, and Apple Cinnamon wafting from Glade Plugins in my apartment counteract the smell of jogging togs and dirty socks.

The apostle Paul thanked the Philippians for their gracious gifts to him: “It is like a sweet-smelling sacrifice offered to God, who accepts that sacrifice and is pleased with it” (Phil 4:18).

Today the fragrance of your kindness in filling someone’s need will also fill the throne room of God and give him pleasure.

God credits your kindness to others
as a fragrant sacrifice given to him.

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