Number One Problem

First get rid of the log from your own eye.
                       —Matthew 7:5

What’s needling you?

Your boss?
A co-worker?
Someone in your church?
___________________? Fill in the blank.

At some point, I’ve struggled with each of the above. But none of them qualify as my number one problem.

Want to know what does?

I have more trouble with Joe Barnett than with any other person I’ve ever met. I have to monitor his attitudes, actions, and words constantly. And I’m saddled with the responsibility of controlling those attitudes, actions, and words.

I’ve got my hands full with Joe Barnett. If I handle the job properly, I don’t have time to monitor and judge the behavior of others. Until I can present a perfect Joe Barnett, my tendency to criticize, complain, and condemn others is misdirected.

If I dare look, the image in the mirror
will disallow judging others.

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