Owned and Used

I have called you by name; you are mine.
                              —Isaiah 43:1

Sir Winston Churchill ran World War II from a heavily bunkered underground fortress in London dubbed “The War Rooms.”

My visit to “The War Rooms” was mesmerizing—seeing the chair in which the prime minister sat, the desk at which he worked, and the pen with which he wrote.

You could pick up similar items from your local office supply without breaking the bank. But you couldn’t buy the originals for a king’s ransom. They’re priceless because they belonged to Sir Winston.

An ordinary item acquires extraordinary value when owned or used by a renowned person.

If you have a deprecatory self-image, a depreciative perception of your worth, you need to ditch it.

You are owned by God and used by God. That pumps your worth up to priceless.

Disparaging your worth is
disparaging God’s workmanship.

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