Your Way or God’s Way?

Your ways [are not] my ways.
                  —Isaiah 55:8

Naaman was the big shot Syrian Army commander. He had a chestful of medals. He also had leprosy. His wife’s servant girl said there was a prophet in Samaria who could cure him.

So off he went, with bulging bags of money. When he pulled his chariot to a stop at Elisha’s front door, the prophet sent a hireling out to tell him what to do.

General Naaman was furious. He thought the prophet would personally do the honors for such a bigwig. Enraged that it wasn’t done his way, he stormed off. When he finally swallowed his pride and followed instructions, the cure was immediate (2 Kgs 5).

Some demand that God deliver salvation on their terms—“Do it my way!”

God says: “My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways” (Is 55:8).

You don’t call the shots.
God’s way is the only way.

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