Do not think of yourself
more highly than you ought.
              —Romans 12:3

A significant portion of my time is spent working with words. So, when I read, I notice misteaks in grammar and spelling. (Caught it, didn’t you?) My judgmental reaction is to frown when I spot composition errors.

You have an area of expertise—and may be critical of those less enlightened. The more we know about something, the more judgmental we are about those who make mistakes that are obvious to us.

Here’s a little bouquet of aphorisms that will help me—and you, if you sense the need—to be less censorious and more self-aware.

Everyone I meet knows something I don’t.
Wisdom is being aware of how little I know.
Humility is appealing. Pride is appalling.
Conceit is a strange disease—it makes everyone sick except the one who has it.

Those who think they know it all are
annoying to those of us who know it all.

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