Here’s the Good News

It is this Good News that saves you.
                 —1 Corinthians 15:2

Gospel means—and is—“Good News.”

But before there is good news, there is bad news.

The bad news is that we are sinners: transgressors and trespassers; derelicts and deadbeats; reprobates and renegades; frauds and phonies.

No one can make us good by giving us a soaking in a Jacuzzi, treating us to a high-dollar makeover, and fitting us out in haute couture custom-made finery.

The good news is that we are loved in spite of our flaws: chosen, adopted, redeemed, justified, cleansed, forgiven, saved.

God makes saints out of sinners; takes the bad and makes them good. Changes Zacchaeus, the crook, into Zacchaeus, the convert; changes Saul, the hatchet man of the Pharisees, into Paul, the servant of Christ.

The glad news eclipses the sad news: saved by grace.

Grace is received, not achieved.

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