Just Start

[We] are being transformed into [his] image
from one degree of glory to another.
               —2 Corinthians 3:18

Eloise went wild at the arboretum and came home with her SUV crammed with flats of pansies, petunias, and peonies.

Remorse dogged her steps from her wheels to her flower bed. She sat in the middle of her patch, lamenting her impetuous spree.

A neighbor sauntered over, sat beside Eloise, handed her a trowel, and said, “Just dig one hole. You plant a bed one flower at a time.”

That’s the way life works.

You clean a closet one shelf at a time, run a marathon one step at a time, write a book one word at a time, and are transformed into his likeness one degree at a time.

Just start—and you’re on your way.

You never finish what you never start.

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