Promises, Promises (1)

Whatever your lips utter
you must be sure to do.
 —Deuteronomy 23:23

They live three doors from me: dad, mom, and first-grader. I saw the child every day for a week, leash in hand, walking her puppy. It was Norman Rockwell cute. Then I began seeing the mother walking the dog; daughter nowhere to be seen.

I haven’t asked, but I bet I know the story. It was a mall-pet-shop-mistake. “Please, mommy, please, let me take him home. I’ll walk him, feed him, and bathe him.” You know how long that lasts.

That’s somewhat understandable in a child, but not in an adult.

Purchase promises: You bought the car, the insurance, the extended-warranty—and learned the hard way that the small print gets big when you make a claim.

Political promises: No need to even go there.

Always be a promise-keeper, never a promise-breaker.

You’ve had it up to here with people who
don’t keep their promises. Don’t be one of them.

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