Unacknowledged Blessings

Many, O Lord my God, are
the wonders you have done.
              —Psalm 40:5

Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin declared war on bacterial infections. Penicillin became dubbed “the miracle cure.”

Not to downplay Dr. Fleming’s revolutionary discovery, from which we’ve all benefited—but thousands of years earlier, God planted potent infection-fighters in humans. Your white blood cells are your front-line-immune-defense, fighting viruses, bacteria, and other health-threatening invaders. They don’t get the deserved hype for the good they do—like keeping you alive.

God doesn’t get much credit when things go right, but a lot of blame when things go wrong: “Why did God let this happen?”

We receive hundreds of “white cell” blessings every day, seldom considering their source.

“O Lord . . . I will exalt you and praise your name . . . you have done marvelous things” (Is 25:1).

God doesn’t do things unintentionally,
and he doesn’t make mistakes.

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