All the Way from Heaven to Here

The Son of Man came to
seek and to save the lost.
            —Luke 19:10

Rebecca has made some bad choices in habits and relationships. But now, she is developing moral muscle and is turning her life around.

“I have taken the first step toward God,” she said. “I’m hoping that he will meet me halfway.”

I have great admiration and respect for Rebecca’s resolve. You go, girl!

But I want her—and each of us—to be clear about two things.

First, we didn’t take the first step, he did—and it was a giant one. Jesus’ trip from heaven to earth was incredibly long and intensely demanding. Our jaunts into outer space are a baby step by comparison.

Second, he didn’t meet us halfway. He came all the way—from where he was to where we are, to snatch us from Satan, self, and sin.

He came to where we are
to take us where he is.

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