Heart Health

The Lord looks at the heart.
          —1 Samuel 16:7

Your doctor is less concerned about how you look on the outside than what’s going on inside. So off you go for an X-ray and a blood draw.

God, too, is interested in your insides.

When God sent Samuel to Jesse’s house to anoint his son as Israel’s future king, the choice was a no-brainer—Jesse’s oldest son, Eliab, was a hunk: “Surely the Lord’s anointed stands here,” said Samuel. Not so fast. “Do not consider his appearance or his height,” God said. “People look at the outside . . . but the Lord looks at the heart” (1 Sm 16:6–7).

God chose Jesse’s youngest son, David, who had a healthy heart: praised God and obeyed God with all his heart (Ps 9:1; 119:34).

God is interested in your heart, not your height.

People see your face.
God sees your heart.

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