In the Meantime

Let us test and examine our ways.
            —Lamentations 3:40

It wasn’t law enforcement that initiated the go-into-your-house-and-stay-there quarantine; it was a microscopic virus.

We resent routine—until it’s interrupted. The pesky commutes, commitments, and chores suddenly seem preferable to mandated stay-at-home seclusion.

Social life, shopping, work, school, and church have been canceled or acutely altered.

What do you do during this shut-down intrusion? Hopefully, you use it productively. As someone said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

This is a good time to examine your life and chart your future. You remain alive and well on planet earth; there must be something God wants you to do. Spend this “in the meantime” isolation determining what that something is—and when this crisis passes, go out there and do it.

Confront crises with faith, not fear.

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