Right in Front of Jesus

When Jesus saw their faith . . .
                  —Mark 2:5

In Bible times, paralysis was considered permanent and hopeless. But we meet four men who didn’t buy it. When they heard that Jesus was in town, each grabbed a corner of the cot of their paralyzed friend and headed to the house where Jesus was holding forth.

Finding it impossible to muscle their way through the crowd, they climbed to the roof, removed some tiles, and lowered their friend “into the middle of the crowd, right in front of Jesus” (Lk 5:19). “When Jesus saw their faith,” he healed their friend spiritually and physically—told him to pick up his cot and go home. William Barclay wrote: “When Jesus saw this faith that laughed at barriers He must have smiled.”

You know someone who needs the healer. In your prayers today, reject roadblocks—put them right in front of Jesus.

Faith gives you access
to the arsenal of heaven.

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