The Eyes Have It

I will praise You because I have been
remarkably and wonderfully made.
                  —Psalm 139:14

Dr. DeAnnah Byrd was having a God-moment. Her eyelid had quickly slammed shut, protecting her from injury, just before a projectile hit her eye.

She texted me: “We overlook many things in life, even small things like an eyelid. Maintenance of your eyelids is mostly done without you consciously thinking about it.”

So true, Dr. Byrd. And your eyelashes jump in to help by signaling your eyelids to close when foreign debris like dust and sweat threaten your peepers. Their curved shape and positioning help sweep unwanted intruders out of the way.

Your eyebrows join the party, diverting rain and sweat from your eyes by channeling it down the sides of your face.

God’s unseen guardians
show up for work 24/7.

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