No More

I am making everything new.
          —Revelation 21:5

“The Secretary of the Army regrets to inform you that your son was killed in action yesterday . . .”

As a Casualty Notification Officer, Army Captain Richard Siemion was tasked with communicating that message many times. When a soldier’s death was reported, he had four hours to track down the deceased’s family and deliver the devastating news.

Janie, whose brother was a war casualty, closed an assigned end-of-school essay with these words: “In my perfect world, no one will come home to bad news, and no one will have to be the one to deliver it.”

Heaven will be a place of “No More.” According to Revelation 21:4, you will find streets there with these names:

No More Sorrow
No More Crying
No More Pain
No More Death

Because of the Good News, in heaven
there will be no more bad news.

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