Some Questions We Should Ask (2)

God gave us a spirit not of fear
but of power and love and self-control.
                     —2 Timothy 1:7

This week we’re looking at some important questions to ask ourselves.

Question #2: Is this in my control?

You can save yourself a lot of agitation by sorting out what is in your control and what isn’t.

Your actions, words, and thoughts are in your control. Other people, the weather, and some life events are not.

Whatever you’re facing, ask, “Is this something I can control?” The answer will tell you if it’s worthy of your concern.

You’ll be happier and more productive if you focus on the things you can control and avoid getting bent out of shape by the things you can’t. Freedom comes from letting go of the things that are beyond your control.

Fretting over things you can’t control will change neither
your past nor your future but will poison your present.

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