Make Your Case—Conditionally

Not my will, but yours be done.
                  —Luke 22:42

It’s okay to make your case with God—to express your fears and state your preferences. Conditionally.

God told Ananias that Saul was in the neighborhood, and he wanted him to go visit him. Ananias protested that Saul had come to Damascus with murder on his agenda. He feared for his life (Acts 9:13–14). God told him to go anyway. Ananias went.

God told Paul to leave Jerusalem and its Jewish citizens. Paul remonstrated. He wanted to stay in Jerusalem (Acts 22:19–20). God told him to go anyway. Paul went.

God so loved the world that he was sending his son to the cross. Jesus didn’t want to go (Mt 26:39). God told him to go anyway. Jesus went.

So go ahead and make your case—conditioned on one thing—if God says do something, do it.

Always let God have the last word.

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