Providential Protection

The Lord is your protection.
              —Psalm 91:9

Five-year-old Levan Merritt fell twenty feet into the gorilla enclosure of the English Channel Jersey Zoo. Horrified onlookers gasped. Jambo, a 353-pound Silverback gorilla, got between the unconscious boy and the other gorillas and began to gently stroke the youngster’s back.

Jambo led the other gorillas into their cave as zoo-keepers came to Levan’s rescue. More than three decades later, Levan still calls Jambo his gentle giant guardian angel.

Have you been unknowingly protected by an unseen providence?

An airborne killer virus at the grocery missed you by less than an inch?

If you had entered the intersection two seconds later you’d have been T-boned?

You were feeling fine, so you considered canceling your annual physical? But you didn’t, and the doctor detected a potentially fatal polyp? Next year would have been too late?

I’ve had a lot of close calls I never knew about,
and here I am. Thank You, Lord.

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