Thank You for Being You

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
                  —1 Chronicles 16:34

Browsing a Hallmark display for a “Thank You” card, I spotted one with the caption, “Thank You for Being You.” The inside was blank—clean space for the sender’s words.

I bought it. There’s a time to express appreciation for something someone has done. There’s also a time to say thanks for who a person is.

It seems to me that there is also a time to express gratitude to God, not just for all he does, but for who he is:

A God of goodness (Ps 106:1);
A God of kindness (Eph 2:7);
A God of compassion (Ps 86:15);
A God of love (Rom 5:8);
A God of righteousness (Ps 11:7);
A God of mercy (Mic 7:18);
A God of grace (Rom 3:23).

Thank you, God, for being you.

Give thanks to God for who he is.

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