Thank-You Notes

Every time I think of you,
I give thanks to my God.
       —Philippians 1:3

Guess what Gina Hamadey did last year. She wrote 365 thank-you notes.

Gina is a busy lady with two little kids and a consulting business. Nevertheless, she was squandering time scrolling through media feeds—which frequently sent her spiraling into rage.

Enough of that! She stopped scrolling and started writing—jotting thank-you notes to people who had blessed her life. Voilà! Gina found herself in a much better mood.

How’s your mood? If you’re letting Washington control your emotions, I’m guessing you’re angry, agitated, and exasperated—on top of depressed, discouraged, and disgusted.

Take a page from Gina Hamadey’s rage-control. You can alter your mood and do a lot of good by writing thank-you notes. Gina’s one-a-day may be too steep a climb for you—but how about one-a-week?

No one knows you appreciate
them unless you tell them.

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