Our Prayer Editors

The Spirit himself intercedes for us.
                     —Romans 8:26

On his way downtown to pick up his wife, John Banks—using voice-messaging—texted her: “Where would you like me to meet you, old gal?” His cell phone misunderstood and sent the words “old cow.”

I revisit these daily devotionals several times before posting them—revising, rewording, and rewriting. When they show up on your screen—and mine—I sometimes groan, “That needed some additional work.”

In a recent post, I quoted from Eugene Peterson but attributed the citation to Eugene Henderson (whoever that is). Thankfully, some sharp readers called the embarrassing mistake to my attention.

We have the blessing of prayer editors in our corner. Both the Holy Spirit and Jesus (Rom 8:26, 34) intercede for us and deliver our words to the Father just right.

We may not know the right words,
but our heavenly intercessors do.

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