Do the Math

All things are worth nothing compared
with the greatness of knowing Christ.
                     —Philippians 3:8

The apostle Paul’s father may have had deep pockets, for he sent his son to Jerusalem to get a top-notch education under the tutelage of the esteemed Rabbi Gamaliel.

Some expositors speculate that Paul was disowned by his family when he became a Christian—thus forfeiting a cushy lifestyle and a hefty inheritance. If so, he regarded the loss insignificant compared to the wealth found in Christ: “What I once thought was valuable is worthless” (Phil 3:7).

That doesn’t compute with earthly arithmetic, but it gets heavenly math right: “Don’t store up treasures on earth . . . Instead, store up your treasures in heaven . . . Your heart will always be where your treasure is” (Mt 6:19–21).

Choose carefully what you treasure.

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