Selective Thinking

Put away all malice.
     —1 Peter 2:1

Mopping up the mess left behind by a painful ordeal is heavy work. It may call for dumping an unpleasant memory or forgiving what seems unforgivable.

There are things you have to forget if you plan on winning at living.

Paul zeroed in on “forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead” (Phil 3:13).

You can’t be enthusiastic about the future if your brain is bogged down in the muck of the past. Repeatedly reliving a distasteful experience magnifies the mess and poisons the diminishing days on your calendar.

Your past may be littered with pain, but your future doesn’t have to be.

A big part of contentment is selective thinking—thinking about what you’re grateful for and refusing to think about what you’re not.

Don’t forget things you should remember
or remember things you should forget.

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