You Have Influence in Heaven

Our only goal is to please God.
           —2 Corinthians 5:9

In ancient Greek religion, Zeus was “the sky and thunder” god. Greek artists pictured him with a thunderbolt in his raised right hand.

He was depicted as a terrorist god, using violence to get his way. When he got angry, Zeus hurled lightning bolts, torching insubordinate earthlings. “As above, so below,” went the creed.

Our loving God made it a two-way street: not only does heaven influence earth; earth also influences heaven: a Christian prays, and heaven responds; a sinner repents, and angels rejoice; a believer sins, and the Holy Spirit grieves. “As below, so above.”

Your prayers matter. Your choices please God or pain him. It’s breathtaking to think that you can help God have a good day.

Your words and actions
ring bells in heaven.

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