Breakfast on the Word

Morning by morning he wakens me
and opens my understanding to his will.
                        —Isaiah 50:4

When my father was teaching me how to drive, he stressed maintenance. He pulled the dipstick, showed me how to check the oil, and said I should check it every time I got gas. “Oil is cheap, engines are expensive!” he said.

Ken Stegall does some of the best preaching I’ve ever heard. He drives a sheep-feeding pulpit; serves a gourmet meal for his congregants every Sunday.

But Ken doesn’t think that’s enough—seems to believe if a person only eats once a week, regardless of how nutritious that meal is, it won’t be long until they’re skin-and-bones. So he pushes his people to be daily Bible readers—wants them to get their veggies every day.

That’s maintenance that will keep your spiritual engine running smoothly.

A breakfast of the Word is the
most important meal of the day.

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