What’s on Your Agenda?

If your gift is encouragement,
devote yourself to encouraging.
              —Romans 12:8

What’s on your agenda today? Do you have it all laid out, ready to start scratching things off your to-do list?

Maybe it’ll work out that way; maybe not: “You don’t know what the day will bring” (Prv 27:1).

You may have charted a day of major projects, while God may have mapped it differently.

Something seemingly small may be the biggest thing you do today: affirming a friend, encouraging a coworker, thanking a wage-earner, praising a child, reassuring a down-in-the-dumps companion.

You may write the day off as a dozen hours of trifles while God may classify it as one of your best because someone was blessed, and you were the one he used to deliver the blessing.

Small things done, do more good
than big things thought about.

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