Defeating Deficiency with a Double TT

You will keep in perfect peace
those [who] trust in you.
        —Isaiah 26:3

How’re you doing?

“Well, except for . . .” If you can finish that sentence, you’re not OK.

Worrying and Complaining are twin sisters that keep us on edge. Is there any way to defeat these sister-sins? Yes. And it can be stated in two words—both beginning with “T”—Trust and Thankfulness.

Trust will keep you from worrying. Thankfulness will keep you from complaining.

So, I suggest you write a double TT on three Post-it notes: slap one on your bathroom mirror, one on the inside of your back door, and one on the dashboard of your car. The double TT will remind you to Trust him and to Thank him.

Put your whole heart in it: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart” (Prv 3:5); “Give thanks to [the] Lord, with all [your] heart” (Ps 9:1).

It won’t be easy. It won’t be fast.
But it will be worth it.

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