The Lord will guide you always.
                  —Isaiah 58:11

Has your GPS ever sent you on a weird course? Mine has. I recently voiced an address—I knew the way to the area, but not the specific location in that neighborhood. I got wacky directions from the get-go. I got to my desired destination—but by a head-scratching route.

In our this-is-your-life trip, we get our share of unwanted detours. We’re cruising smooth, familiar roads when we’re suddenly rerouted to unfamiliar areas and rocky roads: a frightening physical diagnosis, a sudden tragedy, a financial disaster.

Sometimes it takes a crisis to get our attention. Perhaps there were unseen dangers on the road you were traveling. God may be in this picture, mapping your spiritual GPS.

His aim is to get you home safely. That may require negotiating some rough patches.

Stay tuned. God knows what he’s doing.

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