Doubt Impairs Prayer

Ask in faith, never doubting.
                 —James 1:6

In Acts 12, Luke reports a thrilling incident—with a sidebar of irony. On this night, Peter was in prison, chained to two soldiers. Herod planned to behead him in the morning.

A jailbreaking angel rescued Peter, and he made a beeline for Mary’s house, where the church was huddled, “earnestly praying to God for him.” Peter knocked on the door, and a servant girl answered. Recognizing Peter’s voice, she ran back to the prayer meeting and said, “Peter is at the door!”

“You’re out of your mind,” they said.

How ironic that those who were praying fervently for Peter’s deliverance should conclude that the girl who told them their prayers had been answered was deranged; that, while praying, they doubted that God would respond.

Are your prayers clothed in faith—or sheathed in doubt?

Satan doesn’t care if you pray—
so long as you doubt that God will answer.

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