Laying his hands on each one,
he healed them.
   —Luke 4:40

Jesus drew big crowds. Sick people came to him in droves—sometimes on their own and sometimes brought to him by those who loved them. He could have pulled off a crowd-curing miracle, healing hundreds at the same time with a single word.

But he didn’t. “One by one he placed his hands on them and healed them” (Lk 4:40 The Message).

Jesus isn’t a one-size-fits-all Savior. He takes careful measurements and crafts one-of-a-kind blessings for one-of-a-kind situations.

Your need is yours alone. Your prayer about your individual need opens the way for him to go to work on your made-to-order blessing. Let him hear from you.

You have a personal relationship with
the Lord. Not a crowd relationship.

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