Remembrance—and Self-Examination

Lord, is it I?
—Matthew 26:22

As Jesus presided at the Passover meal with his disciples—and instituted the Lord’s Supper—he said something that devastated them: “One of you will betray me.”

Their reaction causes my admiration for them to soar, for instead of pointing fingers, they looked inward: “Each of them began to say to Him, ‘Lord, is it I?’” (Mt 26:22).

In a way, his answer to each was “Yes,” for before the night was over, they all fled and left him alone (Mt 26:56).

The Lord’s Supper is a time for remembrance—also a time for self-examination. Jesus challenged twelve men at his table to examine their commitment to him.

He challenges us to do the same. Pray with me: “Lord, increase my faith and deepen my commitment. Let nothing distance me from You.”

Judging others requires no courage,
but self-examination does.

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