Return on Investment

We have left everything to follow you!
                            —Mark 10:28

In 1995, investors in the stock market enjoyed record-high returns of 33.45 percent. In 2008, stockholders lost almost the same amount—a negative 33.8 percent. Market investors always have to wonder, “What’s next?”

One day, a wealthy young man approached Jesus, asking what he needed to do to have eternal life. Knowing the grip money had on him, Jesus told him to divest his possessions and invest in him.

Jesus’ disciples had done just that. “We have left everything to follow you,” Peter said. Indeed, they had: homes, jobs—everything.

Jesus assured them that investing their lives in him brought certainty of a 100 percent kingdom-related return in this life and in the age to come eternal life (Mk 10:30).

If you want a guaranteed high, no-risk ROI, there it is.

There is no downside to investing in Jesus.

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