Hilarious Givers

God loves a cheerful giver.
    —2 Corinthians 9:7

Let Paul talk to you about your giving.

“Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion; for God loves a cheerful giver.” The original meaning of the word translated here as “cheerful” is “hilarious.” God loves a hilarious giver.

If you’re interested in being a hilarious giver, here’s a trio of suggestions.

  1. Think about God’s gifts to you. Enough said.
  2. Think about God’s promises regarding generosity. Consider the verse before and the verse after our text. The verse before says, “The person who sows generously will also reap generously.” The verse after says, “God will generously provide all you need.”
  3. Think about your faith. Do you really believe these promises of God regarding generous giving?

Are you a “hilarious giver”?

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