Live Within the Boundaries

Praise be to the Lord . . . who
daily bears our burdens.
       —Psalm 68:19

I have a bad habit of mentally composing confrontational speeches before there’s even a confrontation. When service providers—or people in general—irritate me, I inwardly rehearse what I’ll say when we talk.

But when I face off with them, instead of being hostile, they’re usually responsive and want to make things right. The problem turned out not to be a problem. I poisoned part of the day.

We need to learn to live within each day’s boundaries. God knew what he was doing when he divided time into twenty-four-hour segments—knew that we could bear the weight of only one day at a time.

Many of the irritations that badger us are imaginings of future conflicts. Frequently, when that time arrives, the problem has already worked itself out.

Living in tomorrow today wastes today.

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