Face Masks

He is always thinking about you and
watching everything that concerns you.
                                 —1 Peter 5:7

Toothy-grin face masks make me smile. But I secretly wonder what’s on the inside of the mask. Smiling on the outside, hurting on the inside?

Even without the mask, a smiling face sometimes camouflages a breaking heart.

Nearly every day, on my morning jog, I see three people who make me happy because they flash megawatt smiles. But a wave, a “hello,” and “I hope you have a wonderful day” has been the extent of my contact with them. I know nothing about what they’re feeling on the inside.

You may be smiling through pain unknown to others.

But there is one who knows all. To God, there are no secret struggles or silent cries. You don’t have to mask up for him. He knows everything you’re going through. He’s watching—and he cares.

You are not alone.
God loves you too much to leave you alone.

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